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Her World Singapore – January 2022
English | 116 pages | True PDF | 16.6 MB

Her World 是新加坡排名第一的女性杂志。它迎合时尚达人,是时尚、美容和生活方式趋势的权威。它提供了有关女性问题的授权阅读,并以深度和风格涵盖了这些问题。关于对现代女性很重要的问题,有深入的特写、采访和挑衅性的阅读。

Her World is Singapore’s Number 1 women’s magazine. It caters to the stylish achiever and is the authority on fashion, beauty and lifestyle trends. It offers empowering reads on women’s issues, and covers them with depth and style. There are in-depth features, interviews and provocative reads on issues that matter to the modern woman.


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