Motor Australia —— 2022年1月澳大利亚汽车杂志PDF下载 | 我读

如果您喜欢快速、尖端和令人向往的汽车,那么 MOTOR 就是适合您的杂志。汽车杂志非常重视面对面的摄影和引人注目的设计,不像其他汽车杂志那样提供信息、娱乐和吸引人。凭借首屈一指的道路测试学科和作家准备照原样讲述它,《汽车》杂志有趣、有争议、精辟,但从不单调乏味。

If you love fast, cutting edge and desirable cars then MOTOR is the magazine for you. With a heavy emphasis on in-your-face photography and striking design, Motor Magazine informs, entertains and captivates like no other car mag. With a road test discipline second to none and writers prepared to tell it like it is, Motor magazine is funny, controversial, incisive but never, ever humdrum.



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