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Info Eduard – October 2021
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Eduard Model Accessories成立于1989年,位于捷克共和国莫斯特市共同所有人Ctirad Kuraks住宅的地下室。比例套件,照片蚀刻套件和其他建模配件的细节。我们也开始为其他公司生产模型和照片蚀刻,包括revell monogram和Smer以及许多较小但同样重要的公司。我们一直在不断发展,并一直在寻找新的想法和技术来改进我们的产品。

Eduard Model Accessories was formed in 1989 in the basement of co-owner Ctirad Kuraks house in Most, Czech Republic. Scale kits, photo-etched details for kits and other modeling accessories. We also started producing models and photo etch for other companies including Revell-Monogram and Smer along with many smaller but no less important companies. We have continued evolve and are always looking for new ideas and technologies to improve our products.


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