PC Pilot——2021年9-10月飞行员航空专业英文杂志PDF下载

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PC Pilot 为激动人心且常常令人生畏的飞行模拟世界带来了理性和专家意见。贡献者包括许多现实世界的飞行员和航空专业人士,以确保您阅读的内容尽可能真实!该杂志为双月刊,每一期都包含有关飞行模拟各个方面的详细新闻、建议、评论、特色和观点。

PC Pilot brings sense and expert opinion to the exciting and often daunting world of flight simulation. Contributors include many real-world pilots and aviation professionals to ensure that what you read is as real as it gets! Published bi-monthly, each issue of the magazine is packed with detailed news, advice, reviews, features and views on all aspects of flight simulation.


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