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在过去的 50 年里,语言政策已经发展成为一门主要学科,借鉴了许多国家和许多层面的研究和实践。这是第一本从整体上处理语言政策的手册,是一份完整的“现状”调查,涵盖语言实践、对语言多样性的看法以及语言管理的方法和机构。它提供了追溯古典语言规划发展的历史背景,描述了与土著和濒危语言相关的活动,并包含有关帝国主义、殖民主义、移民和全球化的影响以及教育政策的章节。

Over the last 50 years, language policy has developed into a major discipline, drawing on research and practice in many nations and at many levels. This is the first Handbook to deal with language policy as a whole and is a complete ‘state-of-the-field’ survey, covering language practices, beliefs about language varieties, and methods and agencies for language management. It provides a historical background which traces the development of classical language planning, describes activities associated with indigenous and endangered languages, and contains chapters on imperialism, colonialism, effects of migration and globalization, and educational policy.


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