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《杀死一只知更鸟》To Kill a Mockingbird从小女孩斯考特的视角,通过叙述她的律师父亲阿提克斯为遭到诬陷的黑人青年辩护的故事,揭露了美国大萧条时期南方各州存在的种族歧视问题。该书刚一出版便广受赞誉,于1961年获得普利策文学奖,此后一直都被列为美国学生必读经典文学作品。

To Kill a Mockingbird, from the perspective of a little girl, Scott, reveals the Southern states during the Great Depression by narrating the story of her lawyer father Atticus defending the black youth who was framed. The existing problem of racial discrimination. The book was widely acclaimed as soon as it was published. It won the Pulitzer Prize for Literature in 1961 and has been listed as a must-read classic for American students ever since.


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