The Interior Design Reference pecification Book 《室内设计参考与规格书》英文原版PDF下载

这本更新和修订版的《室内设计参考与规范》以易于使用和携带的格式为您提供规划和执行各种形状和尺寸的室内项目必不可少的信息 – 现在包括对顶级从业者的采访来自室内设计领域。《室内设计参考与规格书》是设计师、设计专业学生和任何从事室内设计项目的人的必备资料。

This updated and revised edition of The Interior Design Reference & Specification Book gives you the information essential to planning and executing interior projects of all shapes and sizes in a format that is as easy to use as it is to carry—now including interviews with top practitioners from across the field of interior design.


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