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PlantBased – Issue 48 – January 2022
English | 100 pages | True PDF | 72 MB

对于那些想要将植物性食物纳入饮食的人来说,PlantBased 不仅仅是食谱,是他们的终极资源。作为素食烹饪和技术的百科全书,每一期都包含有关将植物性烹饪提升到新水平所需的成分和设备的信息。

The ultimate resource for those who want to incorporate plant-based food into their diets, PlantBased is more than just recipes. Conceived as an encyclopaedia of vegan cookery and techniques, every issue is packed with information about the ingredients and equipment needed to take plant-based cooking to the next level. Available version


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