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Time USA – April 26, 2021
English | 110 pages | True PDF | 140.9 MB

Time 是一家美国新闻杂志和新闻网站,总部设在纽约市。多年来,它每周出版一次,但到 2021 年,它改为每两周出版一次。它于 1923 年 3 月 3 日首次在纽约市出版,多年来一直由其有影响力的联合创始人亨利·卢斯 (Henry Luce) 经营。

TIME’s signature voice and trusted content make it one of the most recognized news brands in the world. Offering incisive reporting, lively writing and world-renowned photography, TIME magazine has been credited with bringing journalism at its best into the fabric of world life.


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