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Archaeology – September/October 2021
English | 72 pages | True PDF | 29.7 MB

ARCHEOLOGY 杂志从全球各个角落提供有关人类过去的引人入胜的叙述。我们的新闻、特写和照片散文是为普通观众编辑的,采用深入的报道、有说服力的分析和生动的故事讲述,以提供对人类生存记录的准确且通常令人惊讶的亲密观察。我们的作品提供了对文化开始和结束的洞察,以及检查这些文化的完整表达。考古学的故事有一个独特的特征——它们依赖于对考古证据的密切调查——简而言之,我们留下的东西。

ARCHAEOLOGY magazine offers compelling narratives about the human past from every corner of the globe. Edited for a general audience, our news, features, and photo essays employ in-depth reporting, cogent analysis, and vivid storytelling to provide an accurate and often surprisingly intimate look at the record of human existence. Our pieces offer insights into the beginnings and ends of cultures, as well as examining the full expression of those cultures. ARCHAEOLOGY’s stories share one distinctive trait—they rest on the close investigation of archaeological evidence—of the things, in short, that we leave behind.


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