WeAr Global Magazine——2021年第3期全球时尚时装贸易杂志PDF下载 | 我读

2016 年 1 月,伦敦将迎来一场全新的时装贸易展。这场名为 WeAr Select 的秀由克劳斯·沃格尔 (Klaus Vogel) 创办的全球时尚贸易杂志《WeAr Global Magazine》创作。 Vogel 也是柏林高级展览贸易展的幕后推手。

January 2016 will see the debut of a new fashion trade show in London. The show, WeAr Select, was created by global fashion trade magazine WeAr Global Magazine, which was started by Klaus Vogel. Vogel is also behind the Premium Exhibition tradeshow in Berlin.


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