Vogue Knitting——2021年秋季vogue手工编织杂志PDF下载 | 我读

Vogue Knitting – Fall 2021
English | 93 pages | PDF | 26.8 MB

Vogue Knitting 是手工编织世界的时尚领导者,杂志编织者经常求助于鼓舞人心的图案、别致的造型和引人注目的技术。 Vogue 是时尚和风格的代名词,在针织方面,Vogue Knitting 的影响力无与伦比。

Vogue Knitting is the hand-knitting world’s style leader and the magazine knitters turn to on a regular basis for inspirational patterns, chic styling and compelling techniques. Vogue is a name synonymous with fashion and style, and when it comes to knitting, nothing equals the impact of Vogue Knitting.


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