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Python & C++ – 8th Edition 2021
English | 147 pages | PDF | 87.3 MB

如果您是新采用者并希望学习开始编码和编程所需的一切,那么使用 Python 和 C++ 编写代码 – 对于初学者来说是首选也是唯一的选择。这本独立的手册充满了有用的指南和分步说明的教程,用简单易懂的英语编写。在这个新用户指南的页面上,您将清楚地了解有关编写自己的惊人应用程序所需的所有知识。

Code with Python & C++ – For Beginners is the first and only choice if you are new adopter and want to learn everything you’ll need to get started with coding and programming. This independent manual is crammed with helpful guides and step-by-step fully illustrated tutorials, written in plain easy to follow English. Over the pages of this new user guide you will clearly learn all you need to know about coding your own amazing apps.


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