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Tabletop Gaming – October 2021
English | 101 pages | PDF | 87.8 MB

由一群敬业的桌面游戏玩家撰写,Tabletop Gaming 是一本致力于这一日益流行的爱好的杂志。从像东京之王这样的家庭棋盘游戏到像战争之王这样的深度战争游戏,或者像 Infinity 这样的未来派小冲突游戏,我们的目标是为爱好者带来无与伦比的报道,包括独家采访、深入指南等等!

Written by a team of dedicated tabletop gamers, Tabletop Gaming is a magazine dedicated to this increasingly popular hobby. From family board games like King of Tokyo to in-depth wargames like Kings of War or futuristic skirmish titles such as Infinity, we’re aiming to bring enthusiasts unrivalled coverage, including exclusive interviews, in-depth guides and more!


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