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Mountain Biking UK – October 2021
English | 162 pages | True PDF | 42.9 MB

MBUK 由山地车手制作,旨在告知、激励和激励其他山地车手。我们将至高无上的权威和巨大的承诺与经常跨越到轻度疯狂的热情结合起来。添加一点态度和一点骇人听闻的幽默,这就是 MBUK 的混合。从令人发指的肾上腺素驱动的特技表演到驯服世界的探险,如果是由山地自行车驱动,我们将在那里提供鼓励并享受一些乐趣。山地自行车牢牢确立为市场领导者的地位,旨在以毫不妥协的方式讲述激进山地自行车、自行车和设备的全部真相。

MBUK is made by mountain bikers to inform, excite, and inspire other mountain bikers. We combine supreme authority and massive commitment with an enthusiasm that frequently crosses over into the mildly insane. Add a touch of attitude and a dash of appalling humour and that’s the MBUK blend. From outrageous adrenaline-driven stunts to world-taming expeditions, if it’s driven by mountain biking, we’ll be there to offer encouragement and have some fun. Firmly established as the market leader, Mountain Biking aims to tell the whole truth about radical mountain biking, bikes and equipment in an uncompromising manner.


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