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Frrresh – #23 2015
English | HQ PDF | 206 pages | 31 MB

Frrresh 是一本月刊,以来自世界各地的视觉艺术家为特色。我们努力使杂志清新、简单和干净,同时让作者展示他们选择的作品和他们撰写的文字——从而创建一个由我们策划但由作者自己定义的杂志。我们的目标是在每一期中混合艺术家 – 展示知名艺术家和我们认为有趣但在他们自己的社区之外尚未为人所知的艺术家,希望向您展示最有趣的艺术家,无论他们的出身、年龄或领域如何艺术的。

Frrresh is a monthly magazine that features visual artists from around the world. We strive to make the magazine fresh, simple and clean while letting the authors present themselves with works they choose and text that they write – thus creating a mag that is curated by us but defined by the authors themselves. Our goal is to mix the artists in every issue – to showcase both well-known artists and those we find interesting that are not yet known outside their own communities in hope of presenting you with the most interesting artists regardless of their origin, age or field of art.


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