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The Week UK – 25 September 2021
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一周是在短短一小时内赶上本周新闻和评论的最佳方式。但这本杂志不仅提供信息,而且还很有趣。在其40多个编辑页面中,您可以找到从最新书籍评论到本周八卦精选的所有内容。还有城市新闻、市场上最好的房产、艺术报道等等。The Week Magazine 对本周的国际宽幅报纸进行了诙谐的汇总。对于那些忙于阅读每篇论文但应该阅读的人来说,这是一种宝贵的资源。

The Week is the very best way to catch up with the week’s news and comment in just one hour. But the magazine isn’t just informative, it’s also entertaining. Within its 40+ editorial pages, you’ll find everything from reviews of the latest books to the pick of the week’s gossip. There’s also City news, the best properties on the market, arts coverage, and much much more. The Week Magazine a witty round up of the week’s international broad sheet newspapers. It is an invaluable resource for people too busy to read every paper but should.



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