Landscape UK—— 2021年10月英国乡村杂志PDF下载

Landscape UK – October 2021
English | 132 pages | True PDF | 97.7 MB

LandScape 杂志反映了居住在乡村或半乡村的人们对周围景观和自然的兴趣、英国传统工艺的独特性、自己种植和烹饪食物的满足感,以及家庭圈内简单活动的乐趣,朋友和社区。该杂志涵盖了英国乡村的季节性园艺、烹饪、手工艺、人和地方,以及它的自然风光。每期都以易于阅读的风格提供丰富的信息,每个主题的布局简单,页面分配广泛,并配有精美的图像。

LandScape magazine reflects the interests of people living rurally or semi-rurally in the landscape and nature around them, the uniqueness of British traditional crafts, the satisfaction of growing and cooking their own food, and the joy of simple activities within their circle of family, friends and community. The magazine covers seasonal gardening, cookery, craft, people and places in the British countryside, and its nature. Each issue delivers a wealth of information in an easy-to-read style, with simple layouts and an expansive page allocation for each subject, illustrated with beautiful images.


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