Diver UK —— 2021年9月潜水英文杂志PDF下载

Diver UK – September 2021
English | 78 pages | True PDF | 17.1 MB

DIVER 是英国排名第一的潜水杂志,在书摊和直接订阅的情况下,其总销量超过了所有竞争对手。它涵盖了这项运动的方方面面,尤其是在装备测试和调查、潜水度假目的地以及技术和技术进步领域。

DIVER is Britain’s no.1 diving magazine, outselling all its competitors put together, at bookstalls and by direct subscription. It covers every aspect of the sport, especially in the realms of gear testing and surveys, diving holiday destinations, and advances in technology and techniques.


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