Cambridge Primary Science Activity Book 2 剑桥初级科学课程电子书PDF下载2021年

Year:2021      Edition:Act        Publisher:Cambridge University Press    Author: Board, Jon, Cross, Alan
Language:english         Pages:32            ISBN 13:9781107611436           File:PDF, 1.96 MB

剑桥初级科学是一门灵活、引人入胜的课程,专门为剑桥初级科学课程框架编写。这本第 2 阶段活动手册包含支持学习手册中每个主题的练习,可在课堂上完成或设置为家庭作业。练习旨在巩固理解,发展知识在新情况下的应用,并发展科学探究和读写技能。

Cambridge Primary Science is a flexible, engaging course written specifically for the Cambridge Primary Science curriculum framework. This Activity Book for Stage 2 contains exercises to support each topic in the Learner’s Book, which may be completed in class or set as homework. Exercises are designed to consolidate understanding, develop application of knowledge in new situations, and develop Scientific Enquiry and literacy skills.


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