Asset Pricing (Revised) by John H. Cochrane 电子书PDF下载

这绝对是我读过的最好的资产定价书。我想给它 10 分(满分 5 分)。它试图将所有资产定价问题放在一个框架中,这使得该主题更加有趣且易于理解。对于金融界的学者来说,这是一本非常有用的书。因为这本书,我成为了 John Cochrane 的粉丝。

I don’t understand what those people leaving bad reviews really want from an asset pricing book. It’s sad that the average review is lower than 4 so far. For those guys who want to find some cookbook for asset pricing, I should say: it’s not suitable for you, but it doesn’t mean it’s not good.This is definitely the best asset pricing book I’ve ever read. I want to give it a 10 out of 5. It tries to put all the asset pricing issues in a single framework, which makes the topic much more interesting and much easier to understand. It is a very useful book for the finance academicians. I became a fan of John Cochrane because of this book.


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