BMW Car——2021年10月宝马汽车杂志英文PDF下载

宝马汽车杂志是世界上最好的宝马杂志和必要的阅读为所有这个伟大的品牌。 除了让你跟上21世纪技术的新发展,最新机械的道路测试,宝马汽车钻研的历史背后的开创性经典,如328更现代的图标,如令人惊叹的CSLs, E30 m3和M1。 它不会停在那里,虽然宝马汽车还带给你从主要的调优公司最新的高性能机械,背后的故事被遗忘的原型,深入的购买指南和最新的市场新闻。 为了确保你不会错过在蓝白圆的世界里值得知道的一切,今天就下载你的宝马汽车的拷贝。

BMW Car magazine is the world’s finest BMW magazine and essential reading for all fans of this great marque. As well as keeping you abreast of new developments in 21st Century technology with road tests of the latest machinery BMW Car delves into the history behind such groundbreaking classics like the 328 to more modern icons such as the awesome CSLs, E30 M3s and the M1. It doesn’t stop there though as BMW Car also brings you up to date with the latest high performance machinery from the major tuning firms, the stories behind forgotten prototypes, in-depth Buying Guides and the latest market news. To ensure you don’t miss out on everything that’s worth knowing in the world of the blue and white roundel download your copy of BMW Car today.


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