The Art of Design—2021年50期家居时尚设计奢侈品艺术PDF下载 | 我读

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The Art Of Design 是一本高级出版物,专为了解什么是真正的设计、时尚和生活方式的人而打造。每个版本都会刊登世界领先和未来设计师的文章,并展示来自现代世界的各种设计解决方案的最新趋势。我们还在出版物中提供了“奢侈品的艺术”部分,重点介绍了一些生活中的奢侈品。在此部分,您将找到最新的汽车发布以及一些世界领先品牌的时尚展示。

The Art Of Design is a high class publication that has been fashioned for the person who understands what true design, fashion & lifestyle is. Each edition features articles by the world’s leading & up and coming designers and showcase’s the very latest trends from a wide range of design solutions from the modern world. We also carry The Art Of Luxury section in the publication that focuses on a few of life’s luxuries. In this section you will find the latest car releases along with fashion showcases from some of the world leading brands.


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