Lonely Planet Traveller Netherlands—2021年6月孤独星球新西兰旅行杂志PDF下载|我读

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用屡获殊荣的 Lonely Planet Traveller 满足您对旅行的热爱。在 Lonely Planet 世界各地的许多专家的内幕知识的帮助下,您会在里面找到轻松鼓舞人心的周末假期的主题创意和更多的冒险体验。您将通过文字和美丽的照片踏上旅程,极具氛围的特色将您带到壮观的风景中,让当地人展示他们的文化、历史、食物、饮料和周围的自然奇观。

Feed your love of travel with award-winning Lonely Planet Traveller. Inside you’ll find topical ideas for easy inspirational weekend breaks and more adventurous experiences to try out, helped by the insider knowledge of Lonely Planet’s many experts around the world. You’ll be taken on a journey through words and beautiful photography, with highly atmospheric features transporting you to spectacular landscapes and allowing local people to reveal their culture, history ,food, drink and the natural wonders that surround them.


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