Elle Decoration Espana——2021年7月西班牙家居装饰设计杂志下载 | 我读

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ELLE Decoration 是西班牙最时尚、最精致的当代家居杂志。它是唯一具有国际视野和时尚传统的全球室内设计杂志。您家的风格圣经:设计和装饰与创意和灵感相遇的地方。展示鼓舞人心的室内设计,为读者提供丰富的创意和设计专业知识,帮助他们将生活空间从疲惫转变为灵感。

ELLE Decoration is Espana’s most stylish and sophisticated contemporary homes magazine. It is the only global interiors magazine with an international perspective and fashion heritage.The style bible for your home: where design and decoration meet ideas and inspiration.Showcasing inspirational interiors, offering its readers a wealth of creative ideas and design expertise to draw upon in transforming living spaces from tired to inspired.


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