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Digital Photographer – Issue 241, 2021
English | 116 pages | True PDF | 27.6 MB

Digital Photographer 于 2002 年推出,是终极的月刊摄影杂志,提供不可或缺、实用和动手的拍摄建议。针对数码爱好者和专业摄影师,数码摄影师提供最新的高端套件评论、专家访谈、实用的拍摄建议和图像编辑教程,帮助您成为更好的摄影师。我们每个月还会展示来自 DP 读者的精选图片——这是您职业生涯的理想起点。

Launched in 2002, Digital Photographer is the ultimate monthly photography magazine, delivering indispensable, practical and hands-on shooting advice. Aimed at digital enthusiasts and professional photographers, Digital Photographer features the latest high-end kit reviews, expert interviews, practical shooting advice and image-editing tutorials to help you become a better photographer. We also showcase a selection of images from DP readers every month – the ideal launch pad for your career.


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