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Polka 是一本长约 200 页的季刊,由 Alain Genestar 于 2007 年推出。Polka 出版报告、照片故事、调查查询、采访、新趋势、艺术等等,属于新一代杂志,它们花时间分析、背景化和理解其内容。该杂志在法国和国际的售货亭和专业书店有售。

Polka is a quarterly magazine approximately 200 pages in length, launched in 2007 by Alain Genestar.
Publishing reports, photostories, investigative inquiries, interviews, new trends, art and much more, Polka belongs to a new generation of magazines that take the time to analyze, contextualize and make sense of its content. The magazine is sold in kiosks and specialized bookstores in France and internationally.


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