Wine Spectator— 2021年1-2月美国葡萄酒杂志PDF | 我读资源网

Wine Spectator 每年对超过 15,000 种葡萄酒进行评级,每个价格范围内都适合各种场合。阅读有关世界一流酿酒厂和酿酒师的信息,并参观拥有出色酒单的餐厅。此外,每一期都提供美味的食谱,并将它们与完美的葡萄酒搭配。

Wine Spectator rates over 15,000 wines per year, in every price range, to fit every occasion. Read about the world’s great wineries and winemakers and visit restaurants with outstanding wine lists. Plus, each issue features delicious recipes and pairs them with the perfect wines.



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