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Fusion Flowers – June/July 2021
English | 90 pages | PDF | 71.9 MB

Fusion Flowers 杂志目前在全球超过 79 个国家拥有订户,他们由花艺设计师、插花师、花艺师、花艺学生、导师和爱好者组成。这本屡获殊荣的杂志每年发行六次,报道全球当代前沿花艺、花艺设计、插花、贸易展览和花卉节。它是英国唯一一本同类型的花艺设计杂志和插花杂志。

Fusion Flowers magazine currently has subscribers in over 79 countries worldwide who are made up of floral designers, flower arrangers, florists, floristry students, tutors and hobbyists. The multi-award winning magazine is released six times a year and reports on contemporary, cutting edge floristry, floral design, flower arranging, trade shows and flower festivals globally. It is the only floral design magazine and flower arranging magazine of its type produced in the UK.


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