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FOOD & WINE 适合那些对食物和饮料充满热情并希望从创意厨师和酿酒师那里获得灵感的读者。现在 FOOD & WINE® 以壮观的数字格式提供美味的食谱、简单的葡萄酒购买建议、有趣的想法和有趣的趋势发现。每一期都包括印刷杂志上的每一个词和食谱。

FOOD & WINE is for readers who are passionate about food and drinks and looking to be inspired by creative chefs and winemakers. Now FOOD & WINE® offers its delicious recipes, simple wine-buying advice, great entertaining ideas and fun trend-spotting in a spectacular digital format. Each issue includes each and every word and recipe from the print magazine.

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