Outdoor Swimmer——2023年6月冒险游泳者杂志PDF 下载 | 我读

Outdoor Swimmer 是 H2Open 的新名称,这是一本面向冒险游泳者的杂志。无论您是想在下一次户外游泳比赛前提高速度、寻找长距离挑战,还是只是想找一个游泳胜地放松身心并欣赏风景,Outdoor Swimmer 都适合您。

Outdoor Swimmer is the new name for H2Open, the magazine for adventurous swimmers. Whether you are aiming to boost your speed ahead of your next outdoor swimming race, looking for long-distance challenge or simply trying to find a swimming beauty spot to relax and enjoy the scenery, Outdoor Swimmer is for you.


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