Supper—— 2020年第28期国际酒店餐饮设计杂志PDF下载 | 我读

Supper 是国际领先酒店设计杂志 Sleeper 幕后人员的季刊,涵盖全球酒店餐饮行业。 Supper 探讨了餐饮概念和品牌是如何发展的,以及产品、农产品和个性如何相互作用以提供连贯的宾客体验。

Supper is a quarterly publication from the people behind leading international hotel design magazine Sleeper, covering the global hotel F&B sector. Supper explores how F&B concepts and brands are developed and how products, produce and personalities interact to deliver a coherent guest experience.


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