Let’s Get Crafting 4月2021年手工钩针编织国外杂志英文PDF电子版下载订阅

English | PDF | 70Page | 28.9MB

Let’s Get Crafting 是英国最大、最好的多合一杂志包,是喜欢制作玩具的针织和钩针爱好者的必备品,是一个为针织工和钩编工准备的项目。每期包括一个独家纱线包,鼓励读者用他们精美的礼物制作玩具、配饰、家居用品、儿童服装等。该杂志是 Aceville Publications 广泛的手工艺产品组合的一部分,每月有超过 100 万手工艺者参与。

Let’s Get Crafting, the UK’s biggest and best all-in-one magazine pack, is a must-have for knitting and crochet enthusiasts who love to make toys。“Let’s Get Crafting is a project-packed title for knitters and crocheters. Including an exclusive yarn pack each issue, readers are encouraged to make toys, accessories, homeware, children’s garments and more with their fabulous gift.The magazine is part of Aceville Publications’ extensive craft portfolio, reaching more than 1 million crafters every month.


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