BBC Good Food Middle East——2022年4月BBC中东美食杂志下载 | 我读

BBC Good Food Middle East 是每个喜欢烹饪、就餐和外出就餐的人的必备品。它充满了令人垂涎欲滴的日常快餐创意、鼓舞人心的娱乐活动以及您梦寐以求的每一个食谱——所有这些都是为了节省您的时间和精力。每个月,我们都会重点介绍阿联酋的顶级餐厅和酒店,以确保我们热爱美食的读者了解去哪里吃什么。

BBC Good Food Middle East is a must have for everyone who loves cooking, eating and dining out. It’s full of mouth-watering ideas for quick everyday dishes, inspirational entertaining and every recipe you’ve ever dreamed of – all devised to save you time and effort. Every month, we highlight top restaurants and hotels in the UAE to ensure that our food-loving readers are clued up on where to go and what to eat.


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