Bon Appetit—2022年3月美食食谱杂志PDF下载 | 我读

Bon Appetit 每个月都会收到数十种新食谱,以及可以激发您灵感的有用技巧、技巧和窍门,以及有关最新食品和餐厅趋势的一条线。 Bon Appetit 应用程序提供印刷杂志中的所有内容以及应用程序内的额外内容,例如分步烹饪视频和 360 度动画、来自 BA 测试厨房的提示、奖励 BA 摄影以及访问 6000 多个食谱中的BA 档案。您还将体验厨房模式。

Bon Appetit get dozens of new recipes every month, as well as useful technique, tips, and tricks to inspire you, plus a line on the latest food and restaurant trends. The Bon Appetit app delivers everything in the print magazine as well as in-app extras such as step-by-step cooking videos and 360 animation, tips from the BA Test Kitchen, bonus BA photography, and access to the 6000+ recipes in the BA archive. You’ll also experience Kitchen Mode.


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