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BBC Easy Cook UK – January 2022
English | 92 pages | True PDF | 71.3 MB

BBC Easycook 是一本实用、脚踏实地、直言不讳的美食杂志。它旨在帮助忙碌的人们在一周内以最少的大惊小怪和努力养家糊口,并在周末有更多时间时提供更多冒险的想法。无论您是经验丰富的厨师还是对厨房缺乏信心,这些简单、快速和健康的食谱都是理想的选择,而且它们都经过全面测试,因此它们总是第一次就能奏效。在每一期;超过 100 种快速、易于遵循的食谱、一周中每一天的家庭食谱、孩子们喜欢的食物、橱柜创意、轻松娱乐和轻松烘焙。

BBC Easycook is a practical, down to earth and straight-talking food magazine. It aims to help busy people feed their families with a minimum of fuss and effort during the week, with more adventurous ideas for when there’s a little more time at the weekend. The easy, speedy and healthy recipes are ideal whether you’re an experienced cook or you’re less confident in the kitchen, and they’re all thoroughly tested so they will always work first time. In every issue; over 100 speedy, easy to follow recipes, family recipes for every day of the week, food kids love, store cupboard ideas, easy entertaining and easy baking.


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