ELLE decor Italia—2021年7月意大利家具室内装饰杂志PDF下载 | 我读

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Elle Decor Italia 是一本家具和室内设计杂志,主要面向中高级文化领域的女性读者。陈设。这本杂志是意大利版,着眼于国际家居设计和风格。它包括顶级设计师的访谈和简介,以及建筑和室内设计的特色,以及对家居和设计、家具和购物的国际化方法。

Elle Decor Italia is a magazine of furnishings and interior design addressed mainly to women readers in the medium to high cultural segment. The furnishing.This Elle Decoration Magazine is the Italian edition with a view of international home design and style. It includes interviews and profiles of top designers, plus features on architecture and interiors, with a cosmopolitan approach to home and design, furniture and shopping.


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