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Vogue 服饰与美容 – 八月 2021
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《VOGUE》是由美国康泰纳仕集团出版发行的一本期刊。 创刊于1892年,是世界上历史悠久广受尊崇的一本综合性时尚生活类杂志,杂志内容涉及时装、化妆、美容、健康、娱乐和艺术等各个方面,被奉为世界的Fashion Bible(时尚圣典)。 已在全球共计26个国家和地区出版发行。

“VOGUE” is a periodical published by Condé Nast Group. Founded in 1892, it is a comprehensive fashion lifestyle magazine with a long history and widely respected in the world. The content of the magazine covers various aspects such as fashion, makeup, beauty, health, entertainment and art. It is regarded as the Fashion Bible of the world. Holy Code). It has been published and distributed in 26


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