Apollo 阿波罗4月2021年视觉艺术设计杂志PDF电子版下载订阅

Apollo Magazine – April 2021
English | 84 pages | PDF | 74.1 MB

《阿波罗》创刊于 1925 年,每月出版一次,是世界上历史最悠久、最受尊敬的视觉艺术杂志之一。它涵盖了从古物到当代作品的所有内容,并提供对最新艺术新闻和辩论的深入讨论;与世界上最伟大的收藏家和艺术家的独家专访;市场专家信息,权威收藏指导,全球展会回顾与预览。

Founded in 1925 and published monthly, Apollo is one of the world’s oldest and most respected magazines on the visual arts. It covers everything from antiquities to contemporary work, as well as providing in-depth discussion of the latest art news and debates; exclusive interviews with the world’s greatest collectors and artists; expert information on the market, authoritative guidance on collecting, and reviews and previews of exhibitions worldwide.


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