Australian Knitting——2021年10月澳大利亚钩针针织杂志PDF下载 | 我读

Australian Knitting – Volume 13 No. 3 2021
English | 76 pages | PDF | 52.7 MB

澳大利亚销量第一的针织杂志,每期都有 30 多种季节性图案。此外,您会在每一期中找到技巧、技巧、新闻和工艺活动。由于我们的文章包含顶级设计师的建议,以及针织和钩针编织的灵感简介、商店评论和最热门的工艺时尚,您还将了解针织文化。

Australia’s number one selling knitting magazine with over 30 seasonal patterns every issue. Plus, you’ll find tips, techniques, news and craft events in every issue. You’ll also get your fill of knitting culture thanks to our articles packed with advice from top designers, as well as inspirational profiles of knitters and crocheters, shop reviews and the hottest craft fads.


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